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S- stone oil duct amounts to Er to establish a joint ventures

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Petroleum Company announced Korea S- recently, will amount to Er company to invest 35 billion Han jointly with French path yuan (34.7 million dollar) establish each to hold an oil of S- of lube joint ventures of 50% to the company that amount to Er. Joint-stock company by S- the lube business branch of Petroleum Company and path amount to Er company to be comprised in the lube subsidiary of Korea, and by S- Petroleum Company and path amount to Er company joint management.


This joint ventures will be mixed for car of Korea market production industrial all sorts of finished product lube. Final both sides will make S- of business of Korea oil refine the lukewarm hill refinery of Petroleum Company and extend project are compositive together. Petroleum Company expresses S- , will concoctive to the lube of lukewarm hill refinery device undertakes enlarge can be transformed, make its can exceed 2500 pails to the yield when 2009 / day, break up more than one time than having capacity.


The company shows Daodaer, concoctive ability is the lube of the joint ventures about 140 thousand tons / year, basically produce by 2 when be located in Wen Shan concoctive device. These two concoctive device are a medium the company is bought and come from Isu chemistry, petroleum Company is bought and another comes from S- . Before long in the future, whole production has combination in a base.

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