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Sale of unified lube spot is record-breaking

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On April 6, housing card is unified (Beijing) petro-chemical limited company " outstanding and lubricant, 2008 further " large way develops an activity to save square of shopping supermarket of Xi'an town Home Hua Runmo to be held successfully in Shaanxi. The way developed an activity to gain huge success this in Xi'an, present that day steam repairs factory repairman and driver friend to register sign one's name only with respect to near 200 people, the spot is classical product cash income is more than yuan to be as high as 100 thousand more, and the sale is classical product more.

? ? ? That day in the morning at 9 o'clock, show activity has not begun, beautiful beautiful arena, the Pan Yan with baronial imposing manner enrages a model, a lot of transient drivers that attract are surrounded view. Around steam repairs mill boss and worker to also come over to watch the scene of bustle, the person gets together more more. Driver friends hear unified lube is in Daqing road makes a show on square of supermarket of Home Hua Runmo, before Hu Peng calls out friend, be watched in succession. King master came hastily namely 8:30 in the morning the spot orders 6 pails of red classical SJ, win gift electromagnetism heat. Accepting when interviewing, he says: "Unified organize this activity quite pretty good, had to arrive early before a week the message of this activity, today because occupied, so specially breakfast comes buy a SJ to be hurried to again next handle affairs, if can some earlier hurried back come, must come over to watch a show. Must come over to watch a show..

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