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Petrifaction labels internationalization in strategic key

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Circle of the petrifaction in transfer is intimate the Su Shulin of 10 months, appeared in Chinese petro-chemical Inc. to be held in Hong Kong on April 7 2007 on outstanding achievement news briefing. He wears black business suit, match red tie, the face brings a smile.


? ? ? Su Shulin is walked on new a few months later, began last year in September namely, crude price with 70 dollars / the bucket is nodded for start of a race, the brigade that runs quickly madly is started. Rose this year in January, price of this all in all to global economy resource product futures, reside every pails of 100 dollars firmly continuously.


? ? ? Analytic personage thinks, chinese petrifaction second half of the year got after September especially 2007 of crude price on raise influence, its outstanding achievement is added fast put delay apparently. 2006, amplitude of profit of Chinese petrochemical net is 28.08% .

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