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Export of SINOPEC lube fat increases continuously

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Lube branch begins abroad professional work actively, develop in the market, the respect such as construction of sale network construction, team of brand conduct propaganda, talent increases working strength. 1 to March, SINOPEC lube fat exports a quantity to continue to maintain good growth momentum, among them high-grade oily sales volume grows 113% compared to the same period.

Key market, the key is devoted. Lube branch continues in Asia-Pacific area with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan Ji Afu sweat, Australia, Russia for key target market, the resource that increases pair of key markets is devoted. The market network system that builds special product representative and tie of photograph of region market representative actively. Carry out special product distribute to make to the product such as grease, transformer oil. Had done the service that offer money, industry to approbate, the job of the respect such as technical support, assist agency to open the market as soon as possible, realize the promotion of sales volume of SINOPEC lube fat.

Strengthen conduct propaganda, enlarge market impact. Lube branch appears on the market through holding a product news briefing, brand is recommended meeting, and attend domestic and international major to extend the form such as the meeting, strengthened the abroad conduct propaganda of SINOPEC lube. The medium such as the press that chooses market of abroad key target, TV undertakes advertisement puts in, participated in a few car culture of local and athletics activity selectively, ceaseless and promotional the overseas customer recognition to SINOPEC lube fat and understanding.

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