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Singapore GOLDLEO lube tastes China newly to appear on the market

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Chinese lubricant market is a big cake for all lube production companies to the world, add of many foreign brand Yu Liu land Chinese market, of the the advantage of being in a favored position is the brand of country of Chinese near neighbour, won't forgo such good opportunity more. The lion of King Kong of lube brand GOLDLEO(that Singapore installs limited company of blessing oil group to also issue its standard) advance China, appear on the market in the round.


Well-known, quality of Singapore lube product is very superior, the synthetic lubricating oil that many domestic companies all buy Singapore to produce will divide outfit, lion of GOLDLEO(King Kong) the advantage that lube took Singapore lube brand, the enters town neatly management gimmick that joins Chinese partner, wish lion of GOLDLEO(King Kong) lube will blueness stems from Lan Sheng Yu Lan, do weller in Chinese market.


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