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Open life passageway day and night to fight bravely grab send the Great Wall oil

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   On May 19 morning 12 when, one is fully loaded with " the Great Wall " card L-HV46 low temperature fights those who grind hydraulic pressure oil to carry a car, sail touch Sichuan Chengdu, aid force to open the construction rank of life passageway.

After Sichuan saves earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River to happen, company of Chinese petrifaction lube already was the 2nd grab goods and materials providing disaster relief carry to fight calamity forefront. Late on May 18 22 when 42 minutes, lube branch receives Chinese petrifaction to be in it is good that the large project machine of river lasher construction needs microtherm property, cleanness is spent fight those who grind hydraulic pressure oil high to request urgent telegram sentence, the requirement is in noon tomorrow Chengdu of the service before 1 o'clock. Early one second arrives with respect to passageway of life of may early get through, early save a life.

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