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In gas station of disaster area of earthquake of the petrifaction in oil restore

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Petrifaction is mixed in in oil shows to already restored to supply in the round in the gas station of heavy disaster area. The reporter learns from two big companies yesterday, the gas station that petrifaction is in plain change area in restores to supply in the round, chengdu area has 210 gas station to be opened wide continuously supply; The gas station that oil Sichuan sells a company to be located in heavy disaster area in already also was opened wide supply, execute 24 hours to all car uninterrupted for oil.


Petrifaction says in, the retail volume of every only station compares plain change area normal circumstance grew 50% . Want force to protect a station to stand next ceaseless oil, can cheer at any time, facilities of rush to deal with an emergency opens where gas diesel oil where to offer.


Since seismic happening, petrifaction group assembles in the total natural resources of group company, xiang Chuanyu area is urgent allocate and transport oil is tasted, force is protected aseismatic those who provide disaster relief with oil, allocate and transport in all to 20 days from 12 days oil of 68 thousand tons of finished product enters plain change area, make sure aviation of army railroad engine is mixed with oil of aseismatic car providing disaster relief with oil.

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