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Announce of snow Buddha dragon moves lube price on cloth

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? On May 7, 2008One report, xue Folong (Chevron) announces to go up tone its lube tastes the price, atOn June 19, 2008Carry out effectively. Xue Folong will go up move its standard of equivalence of all product lubricating oil, gear oil, grease, rise rate is in on average 9% - 18% .


Adjust price reason: Come from lube taste the cost that produces each segment to rise.


Xue Folong is inOn Feburary 18Had announced to go up move its lube to taste the price, go up before in 5% - 9% , and atOn March 20Carry out. Last the Xiaobao that the product that the price adjusts does not include brand of Delo, Supreme installs oil and RPM LE 15W 40.

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