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Kunlun bitumen: The way that laid develops

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One is as long as566 kilometershighway of desert of the wood in the tower, cross of north and south is so-called " dead sea " Taklimakan big desert, this is the longest road that in desert is flowing on the world at present, builds. Difference in temperature of desert day and night amounts to a few Celsius, but went nearly 10 years, this road road surface not craze, do not flow drip, the winter is flawless, xia Mo rut imprints, become Na Jiang common people become rich road. And this highway, the Kunlun card asphalt that produces by Chinese oil namely is spread.


? ? ? Chinese oil is home's mainest bitumen product supplier, ma of company of petrifaction of mutual distant river, carat depends on the oil in company of petrifaction of door of petrifaction company, Lanzhou petrifaction company, jade, Fosan company of petrifaction of the oil in island of emperor of limited company of tall abundant oil, the Qin Dynasty, Wen Zhou is medium, its bitumen product is unified use " Kunlun " brand, year productivity 5 million tons, occupy home to always be produced can 1/3.

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