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Hill pushs small loose lube to carry the city is recommended can hold satisfacto

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On June 21, companion is in as fire of emperor of Beijing Olympic Games " 3 Jindade Shanxi is delivered provincially, with " passion in June, burning passion " the hill that gives priority to a problem pushs small loose lube to recommend a party, the historical famous city that is about to pass in fire of Olympic Games emperor, shut public native place, carry city pulls open heavy curtain. The blessing that hill pushs petrifaction company to taking heavy is good wish, what have international quality " hill pushs small pine " what card lube will convey pair of Beijing Olympic Games with this kind of special form is good wish.

In the morning 9 when, companion is carrying as fire of Olympic Games emperor of the drilling inside the city begin, hill pushs small loose lube to recommended a party to also pull open heavy curtain, come from Shanxi to visit Taiyuan center library and carry town the guest of each county urban district makes an appointment with 80 more than person to happily gather under the same roof, attended this second meeting.

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