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Carat Ma produces income according to petrifaction implementation double over- h

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2008 first half of the year, carat Ma processes crude oil according to petrifaction company 2.528 million tons, achieve sales revenue 10 billion yuan, realized time to pass half, the task passes half.


First half of the year, face international oil price to be climbed considerably litre, bear of insecurity of stiff oily resource, treatment the pressure that cost of cost of tall, control rises is great wait for a lot of and adverse element, ke Shi changes a company to be answered actively, careful deploy produces management measure each.


Produce a field in lube especially, this company is acted on use characteristic resource effectively, make characteristic product do strong fundamental greatly, plan to grab from the month, wait for measure evenly through optimizing stock, finish annual to produce a plan first half of the year 56.46% , successful production gave product of series of white oil of level of 4000 tons of high grade provision. In the meantime, this company still produces boat coal base oil first half of the year 83281 tons, the annual that finish plans 69.4% .

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