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Outstanding achievement obtains Daodaer first half of the year the growth of 20%

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Rise as the ceaseless violent wind of crude price, daodaerji's round outstanding achievement obtained French oil tycoon to promote considerably. Before this year 6 month, daodaerji's round turnover and net gain all achieve the growth of 20 % above.


Round 1 day announces Daodaerji money newspaper shows first half of the year, its turnover is as high as before this year 6 month 92.4 billion euro, than last year the corresponding period grew 21 % considerably, net profit is as high as 8.3 billion euro, compared to the same period amplitude amounts to 29 % .


Although fuel rises in price,cause demand somewhat atrophic, the dollar depreciates to also make the group sufferred not small loss to euro, but this year first half of the year London Bulunte average price compares crude oil the corresponding period rose last year 72 % , the profit that brings from this offsetted fuel sales volume drops to devalue with the dollar completely brought loss.

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