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Base of the biggest oil refining builds China

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Through 3 years much enlarge can be transformed, in last new hydrogenation cracking unit of company of oil Dalian petrifaction drives at 7 days of implementation successful. So far, dalian petrifaction builds go into operation in the round, become China's at present largest oil refining base very quickly. In nowadays pressing requirement stabilizes oily market of Olympic Games drawing near, finished product when the mouth, this project will become one of mainstay that oil of safeguard country finished product supplies.


Dalian petrifaction year construction of base of 20.5 million tons of oil refining, the country that is approval of classics the State Council develops refine to change an enterprise to ensure the main strategy project of energy security, include 7 production unit and system of manufacturing form a complete set, always invest 10.7 billion yuan. In March 2005, dalian petrifaction builds go into operation above all year device of distill of 10 million tons of constant decompression, to the end of this year May, again 6 suit buy completes project early or late. Scale of year of device of hydrogenation of 3 million tons of residuum is eliminated in buy of this 6 suit row whole nation the 2nd outside, other dimensions of 5 suit buy all is home congener unit is the biggest.

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