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Korea KCD4000 ton lube project mounds to be signed newly about

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Year production sells project of 4000 tons of lube to already was made an appointment with at was being signed in August 2008 note be setting industrial district, this project is by (draft) mound to become suitable lube limited company and Korea KCD company limited newly the lube project of joint-stock build. This project always invests 26 million yuan, among them fixed assets invests 20 million yuan, the project plans to cover an area of 4600 smooth rice, include to produce a workshop to cover an area of among them 400 smooth rice, room of warehouse for finished product is covered an area of 400 smooth rice, semi-manufactured goods piles up the area is covered an area of 1900 smooth rice. Raw material storeroom is covered an area of 400 smooth rice, production does work area to cover an area of 500 smooth rice, after building go into operation to the project, predict year of sale (the first year) 30 million yuan, profit tax is 2 million yuan about. As the ceaseless grow in quantity of all sorts of car and relevant and mechanical equipment, lubricant market got rapid development, especially Korea " Yu Xi " of the brand appear on the market, make lubricant market of home jumped a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position unexpectedly. This purpose is garrisoned, reach form a complete set to machine trade group to have certain far-reaching sense to accelerating equipment of sea state division to make. At present this project is undertaking optional location and autograph wait for early days to work about.

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