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Beautiful profit is industrial hold business analyses a seminar first half of th

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   On July 26, 2008, beautiful profit is industrial held 2008 first half of the year business seminar, issued half annual report at the same time.


Beautiful profit is industrial delectable result was obtained in business side first half of the year this year. Sales revenue and profit all grow considerably, compared to the same period amplitude achieves 50% above. Although face the situation with rising price of domestic and international raw material, but each business group is passed in the market essence of life is agrarian fine do, dominant product obtained outstanding great achievements, make the window that the company grows. Each business section overfulfiled plan task. Development of each business way and group construction had taken shape, group controller respect has matured somewhat.


This second delibrate is analysed, advocate if be aimed at,business progress circumstance reachs situation of vicissitude of the market first half of the year, for next construction of business way development, group and strategy are adjusted provide support.

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