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Housing card weighs spirit of model lube brand

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   On September 3, housing card China rolled out brand-new lube brand spirit formally external in Beijing -- " challenge to drive drive only " , the product that look brand-new is combined and pack also appear to the public. This is housing card unites lube brand spirit first.


Heavy model and product pack spirit of this defective goods card updating is housing card lube enter Chinese market more than 10 years to come the most large-scale change, impulsion is to come from 3 big challenges. Above all, the lube standard with the development new requirement of environmental protection code and engine technology. The 2nd, consumer and channel demand evolve ceaselessly. The 3rd, sex of the look up before how be being offerred and the product kimono Wu that initiate a gender make the challenge that housing card oneself faces.


As we have learned, housing card has 3 cart to use lube brand below Chinese banner: Steam engine oil " happy force " , bavin engine oil " interest bully " with autocycle engine oil " love heart is princely " . 3 old brands adjust product line in the round and use new pack.

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