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Lubricant market appears brand competition new structure

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   On September 3, 2008, the whole world lube of card of carapace of brand of the first lube, announce to start mass brand and product to weigh model move in Beijing. Below its banner 3 cart use engine oil of lube brand steam " happy force " , bavin engine oil " interest bully " with autocycle engine oil " love heart is princely " replace a label in the round. In addition, adjust product line in the round at the same time and use brand-new pack, deserve to be publicized with brand-new brand. Current, chinese lubricant market matures in progressively trend, industrial conformity will be on Gao Shuiping undertake. Lube sale gross resides the housing card of first place of global lube industry to start a brand this to weigh model strategy continuously, will guide lubricant market competition to enter new level undoubtedly.


Favour of Lai of gram of well-known advisory company once released international the report points out, global lubricant market is mature with each passing day already, but good luck still is mixed in China India. To 2020, lube consumption of China will exceed the United States, make the lubricant market with the biggest whole world. Afore-mentioned reports still show, 2007, housing card lube adds the unified lubricating oil that its buy, the sales volume that is in China already achieved the growth of 20 % , exceed the market average the increase rate of 7 % . Current, housing card the market share with 10 % , become company of oil of foreign capital of first of seniority of Chinese lubricant market.

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