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Day of Cavaney3 of chairman of American oil association expresses, coastal refinery restores Mexican bay operation needs time 3 days two, the prudent practice report before also calling this second calamity gives the United States to already was absorbed 5 years hurricane lesson.

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on September 3, american oil consortium (American Petroleum Institute, API) day of chairman Red Cavaney3 expresses, because hurricane is ancient,the refinery that Si Dafu lands Mexican bay and closes restores operation to need time 3 days two, energy company is awaiting electric power to restore to supply, also await a worker to return oil platform at the same time.

Cavaney says, "When can refinery throw operation afresh, we had not gotten any exact time. Below normal circumstance, still should need time 3 days two. Still should need time 3 days two..

Mexican bay is coastal it is the United States' main oil produces a division, management board of American mineral products (Minerals Management Service) express 2 days, the refinery of this one area already suspended operation almost before Gusidafu is landed, oil boring tower and 100 % oil are produced also can shut at the same time.

Cavaney says, katelina absorbed the hurricane that report of this one prudent practice gives us to be experienced from 2005 to teach a lesson in He Lida.

Cavaney still speaks of, "The personage that comes from department of management board of government, mineral products and similar orgnaization, trade and whole society had held succeeding activity meeting for many times, of the conference among them a topic for discussion is accurate to shutting hurricane to assault the practice of zone plant to give assessment, this one practice had the effect of head off a danger really, also make this region production is avoided at sufferring more severe loss. Also make this region production is avoided at sufferring more severe loss..

Current, oil spills over is an extremely sensitive topic, because republic party is driving congress,area of limitation of open coastal waters makes headway already was gained on oil and natural gas production. The the Democratic Party is warned undertake more offshore drilling may cause a harm to the environment. Congress general at next week (became on September 8) restore cracked negotiated in August, the legislation that anticipates two parliament will drill measure to including to enlarge coastal waters undertakes discussion afresh.

Oil industry supports any concerning unlikelily privative Petroleum Company is duty-free the measure of pay, personage of a few the Democratic Parties has begun to seek can aid financially but industry of second birth energy and the method that need not increase American finance deficit.

Cavaney says, "The yield that a few companies in oil consortium lent duty-free measure to increase them can. " additional line, "We are the industries of worker of an employ United States, we are qualified enjoy duty-free policy, why some of person wants to discriminate against us, want to reduce the job of American? " [close the window]
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