The dollar is sent power crude oil goes weak

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Comex October pledges price of futures of low sulfur crude oil falls gently 1.46 dollars, to 107.89 dollars / bucket, drop 1.3% . Crude oil futures has traded 5 times continuously day goes low, last time successive 5 trade day drops is in May 2007. ICE futures exchange Bulunte price of contract of crude oil futures falls 1.76 dollars, to 106.3 dollars / bucket. Contract of futures of October RBOB gasoline falls 2.64 cent, to 2.7404 dollars / gallon, drop 1% . October warms oneself oily futures contract falls 5.51 cent, to 3.0237 dollars / gallon, drop 1.8% .

Dollar add euro touchs inside year high point, good because of the data of American service trade that publishs before this at anticipating, at the same time European Central Bank reduced economic growth to anticipate. Euro is newest drop to 1.4351 dollars, refresh 2008 low 1.4365 dollars, also weakened the heavy goods with dollar valuation to be in at the same time glide to pouring a dollar the action of risk respect.
Office of information of American the sources of energy (EIA)) announces crude oil, benzine, heat up in a steamer to divide oily inventory to glide, but this one circumstance did not cause market attention. Office of information of the sources of energy still confirms, petroleum products demand of the United States is dropping steadily, in oil price economy of tall look forward to, United States is low below confused condition, total demand of benzine, petroleum parts relatively dropped last year 1.6% with 3.5% .
The dollar goes high, the market more anxious economy, it is American economy not just, still have the economy of other area. This also is opposite it seems that the flow that reduced produced a few effects, because investment fund reduced the money supply in oil market.
The member that trade changes to Oupeike next week 2 held policy conference respects gradually mainly, the hope can be obtained from which how-to. Predicting Oupeike will keep official yield changeless, nevertheless, the Saudi Arabia had experienced the biggest petroliferous country to come from the pressure of other member country, they ask sand is special cancel today spring initial increase production move.
This week oil in Zhou Si points out office of information of American the sources of energy in the report, want company report to do not have long-term damage only, oil price is unlikely that because of hurricane Gusidafu is affected and substantially climb litre, and continue even the middle ten days of a month began in July drop trend, because face of global crude market anticipates expression is fatigued and weak.
Center of American country hurricane is in Greenwich time says in 0900 issuance newest forecast, ike is current the biggest continuously wind-force is horary 145 miles (close horary 230 kilometers) , belong to 4 class hurricane. Future water area of Atlantic high seas of edge of a few days of Ike general is mobile. Center of American country hurricane announces, ike is located in n archipelago now (Leeward Islands) northeast makes an appointment with 550 miles (add up to 885 kilometers) place, this storm is extremely dangerous. [Close the window]
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