Housing card lube shine new appear on the market the challenge sparks the brand

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On September 3, the heavy model big screen that housing card China pulled open brand of the lube below the banner and product formally external in Beijing, rolled out brand-new brand spirit not only -- " challenge to drive drive only " , the product that look brand-new is combined and pack appear formally also to the public. This is housing card whole world unites brand spirit to lube brand first, adjust a car to use lube product line in the round, with agreeing with the market demand that expands with each passing day. This shine new the 3 cart inside the territory in involving housing card use lube brand: Steam engine oil " happy force " , bavin engine oil " interest bully " with autocycle engine oil " love heart is princely " , showed housing brand is right thoroughly adequately of big, dimensions of change its whole world market of the 2nd old lubricating oil -- Chinese attention, and maintain precede in Chinese lubricant market the confidence of the advantage.

Heavy model of this defective goods card and product is housing card lube enter Chinese market more than 10 years to come the most large-scale change, and impulsion is to come from 3 big challenges. Above all, the lube standard with the development new requirement of environmental protection code and engine technology. This year on July 1, Ⅲ of motor vehicle country discharges a standard to be carried out in the whole nation, and Beijing is in early took the lead in carrying out a country in March Ⅳ standard. New environmental protection code, requirement engine is in those who make sure the implementation below dynamic premise is fewer to discharge, the lube of because this is ecbolic also higher level and quality. With stylish violent wind of round of oil price rises requirement lube also must raising fuel economy respect to offer additional value.

The 2nd, consumer and channel demand evolve ceaselessly. The market after accompanying Chinese car is mature with each passing day, more and more cars advocate begin a care to raise a car, the hope can choose to suit his the lube of car condition. And the main effect person that channel regards consumer as, pressing also requirement enterprise is offerred clearer simplifying product line, recommend easily. The 3rd, housing card is gotten as global lube army brand, how to continue to maintain the market the first, enlarge advantage of science and technology, sex of the look up before offerring and the product kimono Wu that initiate a gender make the challenge that housing card oneself faces.

Chinese mainland of business of housing card lube and Shen Jian of president of Hong Kong area say frankly: "The challenge that comes from environmental protection to use each field such as innovation of technology of the sources of energy, engine and market competition code, effectively asks housing card lube needs strategy of sex of the look up before applying grabs anticipate opportunity. From this ' challenge to drive drive only ' brand-new brand strategy emerge as the times require, we will use platform of powerful science and technology and outstanding talented person, offer outstanding product and service to help average car advocate, car manufacturer and channel client answer all sorts of challenges.
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