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In the past in a many month, international market oil price eventually considerably fall after a rise. Price of futures of fiducial crude oil achieved Newyork city field on July 11 this year oneself every pails 147. After the historical record of 27 dollar, in every pails of 111 dollar at present the left and right sides wanders, accumulative total already dropped about 25 % . Face oil price to be in mad the plumper after going up, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) the mood is complex, feel slightly already loosen, be anxious somewhat again, a little helpless still.

The main reason that near future oil price drops considerably

Analytic personage thinks, the main reason that near future oil price drops considerably depends on, suffer global economy to grow speed rein in and high oil price to restrain the element effect such as consumption, the market is right the slow down in demand of crude oil, appreciate plus the dollar, futures of international crude oil trades the congenial hype agitation of the market drops somewhat. Suffer second lend crisis influence, the four seasons spent American economy last year appear negative growth, and Japan and euro region economy the 2nd quarter also appears this year negative growth.

Prospective oil price goes situation expert opinionses vary

In the past in a many month, price of futures of fiducial crude oil is in Newyork city field to achieved every pails on July 11 147. After the historical record of 27 dollar issue defeat quickly, at present accumulative total falls it is 25 % about. After oil price of Newyork city field is forcing every pails of 150 dollar closes greatly continuously sharp fall after a rise, be temporary phenomenon still changes direction thoroughly? Go to prospective oil price situation, analytic personage is put in very big difference.

Oil price " diving " without hinder energy-saving action

"Constant appropriate scan widely measures scenery " . Face the short-term wave motion of oil price, crude oil consumes the vision with duer and long-term country. Although at present each just take situation existence difference to prospective oil price, but analytic personage thinks generally, oil price is unlikely regain the level of every pails of 20 dollar 6 years ago. Below this kind of circumstance, no matter be,from protection resource and environment set out, or from enhance the sources of energy safety and maintain economy to be able to develop continuously set out, continue to strengthen energy-saving action to have important sense.

Setting data: International market oil price is main fluctuant reviewing

Come nearly 40 years, supply demand relations of international market crude oil is mixed in shortage from beginning to end superfluous between circularly, oil price also was experienced many rounds accordingly go up drop periodic. The 4th times middle east war erupted in October 1973, petroliferous country adopted middle east the act such as reduction of output, contraband, raise up the price, oil price is not in inside 3 month rise suddenly from every pails of about 3 dollar to about 11 dollar, cause crisis of first time oil thereby, bring about the whole world to appear afterwar the most severe economic depression.
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