Great Wall Guangdong is started " honour dragon shows loving care for dak " comm

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As we have learned, this Guangdong all along is the southern market of the ground that military strategist in ancient China contends for surely, be full of card of beautiful inspire confidence in sb, carapace, BP, Ma Shi a lot of international such as oil is famous petrifaction brand, at the same time lube of Kunlun of card of home made product also divides a cup of a thick soup here, the northward market with clear to the advantage photograph, here can say the point of the soft costal region that is breakthrough of Great Wall lube. If can be in such one is lapped by layer upon layer iron sheet like the break out of an encirclement in camp and piece, so true indication the actual strength of an enterprise.

The commonweal activity of open of Great Wall lube, having toing say is a kind of new breakthrough and attempt. As sponsor lube of square Great Wall, the place establishs an activity with very original vision in in petrifaction 15 gas station and wide deep high speed collect fees 6 times station, synchronism spreads out. Clever send water freely through be cart driver, will establish an enterprise to have the figure of social sense of responsibility. For the enterprise authentic opens this market firm ice, opened a good head.

This kind kisses mixed sale means, the effect is get effect instantly, great Wall lube already was considered as to have the ethical petrifaction brand of commonweal responsibility heart by more and more people. "The brand that serves as him Chinese, great Wall lube can more is compatriots consider is an auspicious thing. " the Liu master worker that there are water and manual in the hand says: "Present enterprise resembles no longer previously that appearance, frosty. Beside us, can hearts of more and more responsibility of a kind of society that feel a company. You look, although have an a bottle of water, small manual only, but also be Great Wall lube of the manner of company of this one nation and social sense of responsibility reflect. But also be Great Wall lube of the manner of company of this one nation and social sense of responsibility reflect..

According to Great Wall lube market chief expresses Hua Na, "Chance of Olympic Games of have the aid of, regard the whole world as one of 4 old brands, great Wall lube is accountability, responsible establishing an ethical company is the figure that has social sense of responsibility, carry the catchword that such means comes to company of start shooting nation and shop sign, make China can leave better impression before world friend. Make China can leave better impression before world friend..

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