14 years embellish of exploration road beautiful makes homebred lubricating oil

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Profit of beautiful of Xi'an oil university is industrial limited company, be born at the beginning of 90 time western still manage savage period. In the beginning of the company holds water, the company sees with respect to acumen ground, shaanxi as western " town of military importance " , have western the resource dominant position that ground predestined relationship, talent and content shed, be western the window that communicates with inland, prospective Shaanxi is sure be western a station that economy develops. Then, the company is about to grow directional fixed position to be in the beginning of hold water western famous lubricant manufacturer, high starting point, high investment, the science and technology that advances base of property of lube of Xi'an oil university with all one's strength is changed, dimensions is changed, the brand changes development, take the way of industrial development dependably.

Toddle is dedicated special type of oil field industry is oily

At the beginning of 90 time, lube industry still is in all the time primitive, of extensive, the position that changes development without foreword, profit of the beautiful when be being added is industrial just start, beautiful profit is industrial it is at that time western numerous enterprise undertakes oil is tasted detect analysis. In view of this, the company decided for western the industrial structure that oil of special type of development of industry of manufacturing industry, oil field tastes, lube was built in new and high area harmonic factory. Since the company holds water oneself, regard the character of the product as lifeline from beginning to end, its are main technical personnel comes from academic technology researcher entirely, perfect product quality ceaselessly inside charge an institution, develop transmission of development pumping unit first special guard against theft prevents leakage gear oil, go out according to market formulate science, reasonable mark a price system. Production machines link, introduce home's more advanced at that time whole set to detect equipment. Be in " beautiful profit poineering group " below effort, beautiful embellish product is garrisoned formally oil field is enterprise or business the unit got accord reputably, beautiful embellish eventually coruscate gave a ray.

The product of beautiful embellish had good public praise. Right now the company realizes " beautiful embellish " should be in the crisis the stand erect in the market of 4 bend over, the consequence that of need is a brand will support, "Beautiful embellish " must pay attention to " the brand locates " and " brand operation " . Then, the company puts forward learning and business the product of perfect union runs train of thought. Company first time puts forward to have culture and business perfect couple, the resource advantage of university of oil of Xi'an of have the aid of, the development of industry of dedicated China oil field and develop are new, oil field operation area can see the figure of beautiful embellish almost western, and acquired oil field company a series of product certification. The health that drove beautiful embellish industry to change development towards standardization, standardization, class upgrades; From this, "Beautiful embellish " already became western famous lubricant manufacturer.
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