Friendly alliance of lube Taiyuan car starts Daodaer the ceremony is complete

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To common Taiyuan common people, august 30 is only ordinary on the weekend, fade leaves tired out body, all enjoy on the weekend cheerful. A flock of people gave the door early in this day however, before driving, go to Taiyuan shadow doorway square, right now, they became much a new capacity -- Daodaer allied member of friend of lube Taiyuan car.

In the morning at 8 o'clock half, daodaer in Taiyuan the first batch 10 cars friend is driven to square from far and near in succession. 9 o'clock sharp, the ceremony that start begins formally, the car is friendly people wear uniform method to amount to Er Polo unlined upper garment, driving the car that they decorate anew gathers together. Ceremonially, sponsor just express, this second donate blood the activity is Daodaer one of important step of responsibility of company practice society, the tripartite confrontation support that this mobile tenet hopes car of everybody of have the aid of is friendly just about, conduct propaganda, the concept of beneficent commonweal career Daodaer is wide and accuse, the environmental protection career that is China contributes meager strength. Head for at the same time visit the provincial old model worker that holds to barren mountain of afforestation, afforest 30 years on hill, yuan overcomes fine old gentleman.

Earnestly practise what one advocates sows what next green hope to plant, human affairs of feeling of model worker of assiduous listen respectfully is slash

Broad shadow on square, the car is friendly people labor force is waited for hair, the ceremony that start ends, driving to love a car, head for base of forest of Shanxi Che Youhui. After reaching base, spot staff member is guiding numerous Che Youpai to wait for the ground to throw not as good as " the job " . Forest activity undertakes in enthusiastic, happy atmosphere, the city white-collars that did not think of these were used to urban reinforced concrete are same to forest do a familiar work with ease, brandish shovel, earth up, carry water, irrigate, not a little while kongfu, a green sapling " unpluggingly and case " , built an exuberant picture for forest base. The car is friendly people try to be the first is planted in oneself accept as a souvenir of the group photo before the sapling below. Everybody expresses in succession, can come back to visit oneself to plant in leisure time certainly the sapling below, show loving care for its thrive.

Later, the car is friendly people it is to go up more hill is visited long the provincial old model worker that lives on hill to hold to barren mountain of afforestation, afforest 30 years, yuan overcomes fine old gentleman. Listen respectfully old gentleman tells about the moving achievement that will hold to afforestation for years. A 8 0 is having 6 1 many years old year the old person of party standing, love tree is like a life, ke Liangren of Yuan of 30 one's remaining years is sufferring the ordinary person's intolerable loneliness, paid adv unimaginably hardship, do not take a country one minute money, silent and compulsory afforestation. What this Dashanli's old person uses him is clinging and firm and persistent, touching each person of the spot.
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