Lubricant market appears brand competition new structure

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On September 3, 2008, the whole world lube of card of carapace of brand of the first lube, announce to start mass brand and product to weigh model move in Beijing. Below its banner 3 cart use engine oil of lube brand steam " happy force " , bavin engine oil " interest bully " with autocycle engine oil " love heart is princely " replace a label in the round. In addition, adjust product line in the round at the same time and use brand-new pack, deserve to be publicized with brand-new brand. Current, chinese lubricant market matures in progressively trend, industrial conformity will be on Gao Shuiping undertake. Lube sale gross resides the housing card of first place of global lube industry to start a brand this to weigh model strategy continuously, will guide lubricant market competition to enter new level undoubtedly.

Favour of Lai of gram of well-known advisory company once released international the report points out, global lubricant market is mature with each passing day already, but good luck still is mixed in China India. To 2020, lube consumption of China will exceed the United States, make the lubricant market with the biggest whole world. Afore-mentioned reports still show, 2007, housing card lube adds the unified lubricating oil that its buy, the sales volume that is in China already achieved the growth of 20 % , exceed the market average the increase rate of 7 % . Current, housing card the market share with 10 % , become company of oil of foreign capital of first of seniority of Chinese lubricant market.

Nearly 10 come for years, the market after Chinese car was experienced from do not have have, from the change that starts to develop to high speed, good luck and challenge coexist in this process. Although grow to had let Chinese market make the rising market that fills latent capacity continuously, but strategy of sex of the look up before the challenge that comes from environmental protection to use each field such as innovation of technology of the sources of energy, engine and market competition code, effectively asks each lube enterprise must be applied grabs anticipate opportunity, no matter foreign capital still is domestic lube,the enterprise must meet such challenge.

In recent years, of international crude price change the car produced an enterprise to bring pressure of enormous the sources of energy, how to answer low discharge the difficult problem that becomes engine technology development to must capture with high oil price. Accordingly, nearly 15 come to 20 years engine technology changes ceaselessly in order to get used to social demand, also climb subsequently to the requirement of the standard of lube and character at the same time litre. Besides cleanness, fight grind, sealed, cooling, anticorrosion outside 5 big basic functions, fuel economy and energy conservation also made the additional value with necessary lube. Housing card car thinks about respect controller with lube, the future that development synthesizes oily market to express lube of clear case card to develop high-end market is judged, if housing card is transcendental,lube of top class synthesis can be in happy force ensure engine develops optimum behavior while, raise fuel utilization rate, lengthen oil change cycle, thereby big political integrity made an appointment with the sources of energy. Synthesize oily strategy promotion to will become housing card to reach the heart that prospective business grows at present. Housing card lube undertakes overall product upgrades this, besides existing top class synthesis outside force of oily transcendental happy event, still rolled out more to have the lube product that synthesizes a technology. Through weighing model, all fronts of lube happy force already had half product to use synthetic oily technology. Without doubt, lube enterprise is in how will limited energy resources is reasonable make hard on use direction, guide consumer to experience socioeconomic of environmental protection, fuel in the round achievement of advanced science and technology.
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