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Yesterday, the whole world is the greatest one of energy companies Shen Jian of general manager of division of China of director of business of lube of housing card China alleges external, the fuel that considers use lube " economy " , product of half of its car lube the mineral oil technology from the tradition " transition " Euramerican and current synthesis oily technology.
Current, IV of motor vehicle country discharges consumption tax of the standard become effective, old car that discharge an amount to go up considerably tone... in global the sources of energy the in short supply, pressure that rise in price falls, domestic auto industry reduces a pressure heavily, this makes the brand of lube of automobile articles for use of a person of foresight also begins hold a memorial ceremony for to go out " energy-saving environmental protection " card.

Ke Laien of well-known advisory company points out international, review the whole world, lubricant market is mature with each passing day already, but good luck still is mixed in China India. To 2020, lube consumption of China can exceed the United States, make the lubricant market with the biggest whole world. From at present structure of domestic lubricant market looks, in petrifaction, medium before stone oil level is listed two, and housing card lube resides the 3rd. At present China already made the 2nd big market of business of whole world of housing card lube.

Hao Jiandong of CTO of lube of China of the card that occupy housing introduces, synthesize oily technology to had passed through in Euramerican country. This year on July 1, III discharges motor vehicle country the standard is carried out in the whole nation, and Beijing is in early took the lead in carrying out a country in March IV standard. New environmental protection code asks engine is in those who make sure the implementation below dynamic premise is fewer to discharge, traditional lube technique will satisfy need hard. "Below the energy-saving trend that decrease a platoon, synthesize oily technology to have rigid demand to Chinese market. " according to introducing, the lube of use synthesis oily technology can make energy consumption reduces 2 % ~ 15% .

The price remains the problem of care making a person. Suffer the base oil, additive, material that pack to reach carriage cost to wait to rise ceaselessly influence, a few big companies such as Sen Meifu of housing card, dust gram allege external, value of tone lube product will go up since September 1, and on amplitude modulation will exceed 10% for the most part.

To whether can still rising in price, shen Jian says to our newspaper reporter, the price depends on two respects, be raw material price rise; The 2 integrated considerations that are pair of lubricant markets. He expresses, below the circumstance that rises in price in international crude oil, will digest partial cost by oneself first. [Close the window]
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