Automotive Lubricants used in several major errors

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Reasonable selection of the correct oils and grease to ensure that vehicles of power, improve reliability and extend the work of the vehicle service life of the vehicle, but in actual use, the people the choice of lubricating oil and grease there are many errors, resulting in serious adverse consequences. 1, diesel vehicles use gasoline engine oil Machine oil diesel engine oil gasoline engine oil and the points. While both gasoline and diesel engines in high temperature, high pressure, high-load conditions, but there are still large differences between the two. First, the gasoline engine the compression of large Bibi more than doubled the pressure on its main parts by the impact is much greater than gasoline, so the two parts of the production of some materials have all the same. For example, the gasoline engine main bearing and connecting rod bearing available material is relatively soft, corrosion resistance, good Babbit, and diesel engines bronze bush, you must lead or lead alloy used for high performance materials, but the corrosion resistance of these materials is poor. To do this, you want to add more diesel oil corrosion agent for use in generating a protective membrane bearing surface to reduce corrosion of bearings and to increase their wear resistance. Because there is no such corrosion gasoline oil agent, if to add diesel engine, bearing in use is likely to see spots, Ma Hang, and even into the film off, oil will soon degenerate. In addition, the sulfur content of diesel fuel than the large, such harmful substances in the combustion process of the formation of sulfuric acid or sulfurous acid, together with the high temperature and high pressure gas fleeing into a sump, the acceleration of oil oxidation and deterioration, so the engine oil the need to add anti-oxidants, so that oil is alkaline. If acid gas fleeing, may play a role in and do not cause excessive oxidative deterioration of oil. The gasoline engine oil additives are not added this, so for the neutral, if its used in diesel engines, due to the fast deterioration of acid gas corrosion failure. Therefore, diesel vehicles can be used instead of diesel engine oil gasoline engine oil instead. 2, the use of imported oil made cars Now some people think that domestic oil imported oil is better than some, so the domestic new car used car imports, especially oil, have many disadvantages of doing so are often nicknamed @ ease the pain stopped, Department of geometrid cheek tear ran wild, as the knife said camel pulling Boschniakia glabra Magpie pouch intestinal worm and ⒍ mane Zhi 浼 material systems and thermal expansion of the gap compared with the large imported cars and car engines are not installed with most domestic oil radiator, if the use of imported oil, the oil too thin because of the low oil pressure, or even of not to work under pressure, can not meet the normal need for lubrication, wear of the engine increased. 3, oil is the oil deterioration black Engine oil is in the more demanding work under high temperature conditions, easy to oxidative deterioration, resulting in the synthesis of polymer acid deposition, resulting in destruction of lubrication. In addition, the combustion gas into the crankcase oil will promote oxidative deterioration. Therefore, the use of oil for some time usually black bad, lose its proper lubrication, but with the continuous improvement of quality lubricants, in particular, promote the use of oil thickening, oil black oil does not necessarily mean bad . This is because the addition of thickening oil dispersants to clean sediment from parts scattered on the oil, so oil the color black. Whether the deterioration of the indicators should be tested, the implementation of oil changes according to the quality, reduce unnecessary waste. YY102 other protective agents such as adding oil, the use of the same will be black after a certain time. Therefore, black does not mean oil is oil deterioration. 4, the best use of multi-grade lubricants Multi-grade lubricants (also known as multi-viscosity oil) at low temperature with the nature of light oil, and in the high temperature Shiyou with the nature of heavy oil. Multi-grade lubricants in the use of the occasion, a multi-grade oil can replace multiple single-stage oil. Although the multi-grade oil to meet the extreme cold and warm seasons, and heavy-duty engine oil, but there is no hard cold start the engine, usually it is recommended to use a single viscosity oil will help to extend engine life. Therefore, do not consider the use of multi-viscosity oil is best. 5, add more oil not less Ning Too little oil damage the engine is well known, so some owners fear starvation bush-burning, filling the oil quantity is often exceeded. Too much oil there is a lot of harm: ①, stir the oil crank end of the metamorphic formation of large bubbles, an increase of crankshaft rotational resistance, not only to increase engine fuel consumption, but also reduce engine power. ②, he went to the oil along the cylinder walls of the combustion chamber, resulting in "burn oil" so that an increase in oil consumption, emissions worse. ③, accelerated the formation of coke combustion chamber, the engine is easy to produce deflagration phenomenon. Therefore, the engine oil less is not rather more errors, the general plane should be maintained at slightly less than oil dipstick on the scale.

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