The preliminary research of grease

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Grease is not unfamiliar to us. But the production to it how, what know is very little. We introduce the knowledge of this respect below.

1.Above all, it is the composition about grease. Grease is will stiff change an agent to disperse in base oil, its composition of a kind of forms stable solid body or semisolid product; is stiff change agent, base oil and additive.

About the production of grease the cent on alive bound is two kinds big: One kind is pressurization type; another kind is to often press type. Stiff the sort that spends an agent can be divided it is 4 kinds big, namely: Black radical, alkyl, inorganic, organic. Place divides roughly with base oil it is 3 kinds: One kind is olefin radical crude oil, one kind is olefin cycloalkanes among base crude oil, another kind is annulus alkyl crude oil.

The main reason of grease changes index to have the following big:

(1) awl is entered degree

(2) drop is nodded

(3) mechanical invariability

(4) colloid invariability

(5) oxidation invariability (also weigh chemical invariability)

(6) is caustic

(Torsion of 7) low temperature

(8) ladder Mu agrees to experiment

(9) mechanical impurity

(Life of bearing of 10) high temperature

Afore-mentioned index through detecting the method undertakes, but also inspect an industry to differ to emphasize particularly on somewhat. Be like medium or small fat of electric machinery bearing needs to detect noise, exceed permission decibel value to be among them unqualified. Additional, to special type industry, such as: Metallurgy, drill, the domain such as spaceflight, shipping, its production demand is mixed very strictly complex, what what it uses is stiff change agent, base oil, additive to wait a moment, also want a course to be chosen strictly. The lubricant data that uses like metallurgy industry place has the following kinds roughly:

(1) pole presses lithium (pump sends fat) (fat of machine of Lian Zhu of ZN(3) of fat of 2) roller bearing (4) gets together Niao radical fat (5) is compound aluminium radical fat, compound lithium base fat (fat of heat-resisting of 6) square unburnt brick. Their high temperature resistant and fight extremely controlling function must be advantageous, because of this group course of study " manufacturing catenary " it is very close together, often occurrence problem of a link, can cause all fronts stop production, manufacturing loss is severe! To this one lipoid, the task that we study mainly is to overcome fall in high temperature condition, the quantity of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of grease and adhesiveness, fight extremely press a gender. Thereby, improve workmanship and recipe, multipolar and compound, increase drop point, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that will improve it and evaporate, raise adhesiveness and lubricity, choose accept rice material especially, in order to improve in the parts in mechanical movement wear away. Now, the EP that our company produces the product such as lithium of molybdenum of fat of high temperature of product of series of Niao radical fat, CHT-1, 2 vulcanization, use in steely industry, common response is favorable.
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