The bubble problem of cutting fluid

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When use cutting fluid, sometimes cutting fluid surface can produce a large number of foam.

(1) generation foamy is main reason

The fluid area of L cutting fluid is too small.
The velocity of flow of L cutting fluid is too rapid, bleb spills over without time, accumulate more more, bring about many bubble generation.
The right angle in L cistern design is too much, or the nozzle angle of cutting fluid is too straight.

(2) avoids to produce foamy method

L cools in concentration in the system, pipeline classifications series connection, answer from the pipeline pressure with cooling close box a few lower.
The fluid face that L assures cutting fluid does not want too low, check fluid face height in time, add cutting juice in time.
Velocity of flow of fluid of L control cutting does not want too fast.
When L is designing cistern, should notice cistern right angle is not too much.
L should notice when use cutting fluid angle of cutting fluid nozzle does not want too straight.
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