Gas reduces the choice of engine oil

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The choice of compressor lubricant depends on parameter of the structural type of compressor, job (pressure of compression ratio, exhaust and exhaust temperature) a variety of elements such as the property that reachs gas be compressioned, requirement of piston compressor work is relatively slashing, relatively strict also to lubricant choice, give the key here specification.

1, different compression the alternative that gas decided pair of lubricant types

In aerobic compressor, oxygen branch makes make mineral sex lube acuteness oxidize and cause compressor combustion and explosion, because this avoids to use oil-lubricated, perhaps use without oil-lubricated means, the industrial glycerine that perhaps uses water emulsion or distilled water to add quality mark 6%-8% undertakes lubricating; In chlorine compressor, alkyl lube can generate chloridize hydrogen with chlorine chemical combination, to the metal (cast-iron with steel) have corrode action strongly, because this all is used commonly,do not have oil-lubricated or solid (black lead) lubricant. High pure to compressing ethylene compressor of gas to prevent the quality that goes affecting a product in lube interfuse gas and function, also do not use mineral oil to lubricate normally, and multi-purpose and medical white oil or liquid state olefin are lubricant etc. Just be in ordinary air, inert gase, hydrocarbon kind (hydrocarbon) kind of gas compressor such as gas, nitrogen, hydrogen is medium, used mineral oil extensively to lubricate in great quantities.
2, the choice of lube viscosity

In the air compressor of multistage, the compression that air cylinder of before one class outputs the temperature when gas restores to take energy of life to summary prep above after classics is normally cooling is sent air cylinder of below one class, because gas already was compressed reason relative humidity is higher, when exceeding saturated drop, the moisture in gas condenses the likelihood, this moisture has abluent effect, can make air cylinder surface loses lube; Be in next hydrocarbon kind in aeriform compressor, it can dissolve not only the viscosity that reduced oil in lube, and clotted liquid state hydrocarbon also is the same as moisture to have catharsis effect to crock wall euqally, to multistage, high pressure, platoon accordingly air temperature spends taller hydrocarbon kind the air compressor with aeriform compressor and air bigger humidity is easy choose the oil with taller viscosity to taste, it is good to adherent sex of the metal that oil is tasted, right sealed and advantageous. Hydrocarbon of the low pressure in be like kind gas and the compressor oil that air compresses guildelines to use L-DAA100, high-pressured multistage appropriate uses the compressor oil of L-DAA150. The viscosity case that compressor of type of fuel injection circumgyrate chooses oil is as similar as this also, the compressor of N32 circumgyrate type that viscosity of 100 ℃ motion chooses to be 5mm2/s when pressure is inferior is oily, motion is chosen when pressure is higher the compressor of N100 circumgyrate type that 100 ℃ viscosity is 11-14 Mm2/ S is oily.
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