Conduction oil uses medium note

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Conduction oil conducts a method as the heat of current and advanced mainstream, wide application was won in each industry. If design of heat conduction system is reasonable, configuration is proper, want to do good the following only, OK and very good extension the life of conduction oil:

1) before driving, undertake grooming to operating personnel, administrator, the method with made scientific control, have the capacity that handles unusual appearance.

2) abide by operating rules strictly, what the mainstream body temperature that makes sure craft asks does not choose the highest use temperature of conduction oil more than, undertake be controllinged strictly to difference in temperature of the velocity of flow of conduction oil, discharge, pass in and out even at the same time, avoid to cause oily splitting decomposition and carbon deposit because of local overheat.

3) contaminant of etc of gas of severe air defence, water enters a system.

4) the pressure that checks bypass filter regularly falls, be cleaned in time or update filter core.

5) the system that does not use ammonia to seal, expand add lukewarm control to be controlled in 60 ℃ , do not exceed 80 ℃ .

6) the basis uses a case, fixed sampling assay, establish the record that use oil, strengthen management.

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