The environment is friendly lube general situation and development trend

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The environment is the base that Lai Yisheng of human etc life retains. Be opposite as the public of environmental protection consciousness rise ceaselessly, and take seriously of environment of state of international society opposite increasingly, make each country government strengthen pair of oil to taste use government, be opposite especially of useless oil deal with drafted strict environmental protection code. Though lube uses systematic technology to be in,progress ceaselessly (if use closed circuit to wait for) circularly, but still indispensable the oil that all sorts of reasons cause is polluted [1] . Be in Europe for example of lube gross 13% entered an environment, and in the United States the lube of 32% enters an environment, they more or less cause an effect to the environment [2] . Accordingly, to reduce the lube effect to the environment, reproducible environment is friendly lube emerge as the times require.
1 environment is friendly of lube but second birth sex
Of lube but second birth sex can divide for two respects [3] : The first respect is the origin that points to raw material, mineral oil is fossil raw material, it forms Yu Baimo the virgin forest year ago, be enclothed by deposit when many vegetation, below high-pressured circumstance, temperature lifts gradually, the vegetation that is covered transforms slowly mineral oil. This process should experience thousands of years, accordingly, be used up to danger when mineral oil, cannot get complement inside short time, that is to say once mineral oil is used cannot second birth. However, basically come from the synthetic ester that uses vegetable oil have very good second birth sex as raw material. The 2nd respect is point to the use of lube or discard the pollution to environment. The carbon that as contrary as the carbolic circulation that uses vegetable oil is petrochemical is open circularly, do not close. Mineral oil product can make atmosphere medium the heighten of carbon dioxide, bring about global air temperature calefacient. This kind of influence is regarded to be indirect environmental pollution. Mineral oil is discharged directly the pollution that causes in atmosphere environment calls main pollution or pollute directly.
The zoology of friendly lube evaluates 2 environments
Whether does a kind of lube belong to an environment friendly lube, want to undertake to its zoology is evaluated. The zoology evaluation of lube includes two fields, it is the evaluation of the zoology noxiousness with lube inherent itself on one hand, the evaluation that another respect is pair of environment influences [4] .
The zoology noxiousness of 2.1 lube reachs his to evaluate
Zoology noxiousness is to show lube is right between zoology environment certain and organic the noxiousness effect that unripe body place causes. Because use all wild live thing impossibly inside the lab,undertake noxiousness studies, so normally the practice is the species that chooses all sorts of levels (the species that representing different level in biology catenary) , will undertake evaluating to the zoology noxiousness of lube. Fish, daphnia, algal to aquatic biologic with fungus it is relevant experimental organism, and OECD(Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development) already established experiment method of the standard (see the method of zoology noxiousness experiment that expresses 1 international standard) . Zoology noxiousness can be divided it is two groups, one group is acute experiment, this group experiment evaluates high concentration to fall, the zoology noxiousness of the lube inside short time, evaluating index is LC50 reachs his corresponding parameter EC50. Another group is chronic experiment, what chronic experiment evaluates is lube is in inferior below deadly chroma, long-term influence result. Evaluating index is not to have observation to affect consistency (No Observed Effect Concentration = NOEC) . The zoology noxiousness of lube classifications basically is a basis acute test result. If a kind of lubricating oil is very easy biology degradation and data of acute zoology noxiousness raises without what show zoology noxiousness, not was necessary to have test of take time, arduous noxiousness of slow modes of life and relation to their environment again.
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