Illicit home car uses the Ji of be economical secret of the car

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Common saying says " it is difficult to buy appearance of vehicle to raise a car easily " . The eye when many people buy a car is staring at car price only, drive the car ability coming home discovers what pound him purse truly is original is not to buy fare, however all sorts of defray with constant in a steady stream of all the year round. Can be the charge that raise a car saved? Want to spend some of idea only actually, outside the duty fee that sets besides national rigid, many charge have managing space.
Not too pursuit high mark is oily

A lot of cars advocate know, if high-grade car uses low grade gas for a long time, explode besides meeting generation outside shake, still can interlink power of generation such as to drop, oily cost rises wait for a problem. But a lot of cars advocate not clear, not be benzine grade had jumped over higher. Benzine grade is the parameter of ability of demarcate benzine antiknock only, it and benzine are clean and whether to save oil to do not have inevitable connection, add what oil to want to follow the standard using oil on the manual, make coefficient of car engine compression ratio and photograph of benzine antiknock coefficient suit.

High-grade import may not is applicable

A lot of cars advocate when picking lubricating oil, think, lube level (grade) it is good to jump over Gao Yue, famous brand is the more better. Actually such can need not. The price that imports oil wants than homebred famous brand expensive 30% , 40% , produce compared with common country oil is to want more one times more expensive much still. Lube should undertake choosing according to the requirement of engine. Such as Xiali, Sangdana the car of such in a popular style, use homebred and common lubricating oil sufficient.

In addition, a lot of consumer stem from psychological element, be willing to choose former outfit to import tire more. Actually, the new fund tire that abroad rolls out is told to domestic user, the price is exorbitant do not say, and not certain still applicable. Suit abroad the tire of road condition may have hard in Jinan on beautiful expression.

Oneself change simple component

The inhaler of average car should be changed in 20 thousand kilometer, 10 thousand kilometer undertakes checking, rain brushs need every 6 months replacing to a year. Can say, inhaler and rain brush the component that is cheap of lowest of the price in the car, the examination of both and change very simple, going technically maintaining a site to waste time and money is undeserved really.

Oily quantity cannot little at 1 / 3

A few cars advocate add oil of smaller part box only normally, draw near extinct when cheer again. Do the fuel pump upside that can make gasoline tank medium to often cannot get fuel refrigeration so actually, give out heat easily burn caustic. Change a fuel pump has needed hundreds of yuan, it is try to save a little but lose a lot really. Right way is the loss that masters oily quantity at any time, hold oily amount from beginning to end not 1/3 under gasoline tank.
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