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Foss lends OEM market of strong prize terminal

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Report of sale of lube China limited company shows Foss: 2007, oily sale installs to take market of the costume at the beginning of countrywide sedan at the beginning of Foss 40% the left and right sides, still maintaining the China's biggest special honour that lube supplier installs first. 2007, gross of countrywide car produce and sale is 8.88 million, multiply among them with the car nearly 5.5 million, by every car average 4 litres oily computation is installed first, also have 22 million litres of market share that oil holds first the least by the market that use a car only, this also is high-end oil most centralized market.
Forecast according to expert of association of Chinese auto industry, 2008, countrywide car output will achieve 10 million, as the growth of car total output, costume oily market also appears the trend that gives growth of to the limit of one's capacity first. Do big OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture gradually, the production that decide a brand cooperates, common says " stick a card " ) the market " cake " also attracted intention of numerous lube company to share. However, but the requirement with car strict to oil is being installed to have first company, once pass,good each other was formed to believe relation of form a complete set after be being adjusted for a long time, won't be abandoned easily or change. From 2007 Foss sells Germany in light of the state, the gain that adds the market newly weichis not only the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that did not bring the market, still brought tremendous market redound, make its can throw bigger sth used to one's own advantage to assure to go up in research and development and character, consolidate its precede further thereby position.
Foss can gain such success in OEM business, cannot leave its ongoing hair and the huge investment that produce technical field. Foss has engineer of 300 many chemist, chemical and other technologist in the whole world, 8% of sum total of Zhan Fusi employee, set 8 core product to develop a center to be in charge of the product research and development inside basic research and global limits technically in the whole world. Centers of these research and development and lab are having project of about a hundred test everyday. The sales revenue that the product that give out creates drives in 5 years, 70% what take total sales revenue. The company throws Foss every year fare of much research and development, the rate that its hold sales revenue exceeds the whole world any lube produce a business.
Obtain a breakthrough ceaselessly in OEM, hold lead position while, foss also did not abandon more capacious terminal retail market. Chinese CEO Dr. Wu Feng expresses Foss, china already made the whole world the 2nd old lubricating oil consumes the market, and be opposite the demand growth of excellent lubricant is rapidder and rapidder. To get used to the tendency of the market of this kind of rapid development, indispensible add new product line and enhance research and development and service ability. Still need to adjust the strategy at the same time. Change the absolutely dominant position of OEM market high end retail market, foss is confident to this.
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