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Limited company of lube of Shandong emperor horsepower offers antifreeze OEM to

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Holy soup company has advanced antifreeze product line and fill outfit automation line, introduce device of water treatment of bate of complete set ion, assure the manufacturing quality of antifreeze in the round, weigh car of motivation of bavin of labour, Wei, triumphant horse for blessing cropland all the year round, when wind group each are large the enterprise offers antifreeze product, obtained 2007 " China prevents fluid trade 10 strong companies " title, in view of the company's substantial equipment natural resources and manpower resource, face each manufacturer to offer the supplied materials treatment, production that stick a card and fill outfit cent to hold business now, assure quality, the autograph restricts production, the company is located in the Shandong Wei lane with easy communication, proximate aid green high speed and Wei Lai high speed, traffic carries advantage, if intent is contacted please!

Service phone: 0536-8652222 8008603030
Contact: Mr Zheng 13562616763
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