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Market of OEM of contend of Great Wall lube

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OEM market not only product of big, high end takes itself demand fare of less than tall, intermediate link, sale is low, and have tremendous surveyor's pole effect to retail market, promote market share and gain level to hold the balance to lube manufacturer. Regretful is, on the cake with this lubricant the most well-developed market, coming for years is the beautiful field of dance of be apt to of foreign manufacturer long sleeve all the time. But as nearly two years Great Wall lube is in OEM market a series of with great quantity movement, it is replacing those Ceng Xianhe temporarily foreign lube brand, become the star with the most dazzling market of Chinese OEM lubricant.

Controller of lube of Chinese petrifaction Great Wall expresses, market of OEM of contend of Great Wall lube, the mainest weapon is its excellent character safeguard and actual strength of research and development. Great Wall lube takes the construction that uses platform of oily research and development to the car seriously very much, on this platform, gathered together the force of lube technology research and development of 70% above of domestic, maintaining close cooperative relationship with top-ranking university and place of scientific research courtyard, the water that makes innovation becomes active is fumed in blending in the most sophisticated lubricant science and technology in order to ensure the car to use oily product. In addition, roll out speed for what maintain the as most advanced as the world engine synchronism, great Wall lube is returned with steam cling to essence of life turns the strategic collaboration concern that waits for company of famous lube additive to keep close. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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