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Fine fact treasure is installed hand in hand special international invests 1 bil

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According to message of Hong Kong negotiable securities, this investment amount is 23.6 million pound, mean how special Asia of fine fact treasure invests international investment limited company and Singapore the new partner that limited company becomes company of fine fact treasure formally with the identity of strategic investor.
Recently, the Dongguan below division of group of industry of fine fact treasure limited company of lube of fine fact treasure and how special - the Hong Kong with oily company subordinate Enterprise Oil PLC installs Pulaisishi special international invests limited company to sign equity formally to invest an agreement in Hong Kong, make the aircraft carrier in lube industry hand in hand.

It is reported, how special - oily company Enterprise Oil PLC returns Pulaisishi to invest the creditor's rights that increases 43.25 million pound before long. Press computation of active exchange rate, this means enterprise of fine fact treasure to will obtain amount to exceed 1 billion yuan investment.
Chairman of bureau of director of group of industry of fine fact treasure holds a president concurrently Mr Chen expresses, company of fine fact treasure is preparing actively to appear on the market in Hong Kong this year. This with install special the success of international investor hand in hand, turn the internationalization that accelerates an enterprise further, capitalization and brand pace, be helpful for sufficient and integrated whole world high grade resource, laid solid foundation to make world-class lube produce a business.
Install famously as the whole world invest an orgnaization especially, install special the enterprise that international Petroleum Company is attention of place of world-renowned Petroleum Company, its development means world oil to acquire new tall field again.
Dongguan company of lube of fine fact treasure is group of industry of fine fact treasure accuses the enterprise of lube of a high-tech that is dominant product in order to make material of additive of hydrogenation base oil and high polymer. In recent years, add a company of fine fact treasure newly early or late with home many 10 institution of higher learing and scientific research orgnaization established capital and technical collaboration relationship, have nearly 100 doctors, Master and expert team, already became the lubricating oil with the oldest southeast Asia to produce base.

Its and Chinese oil university together the anti-friction that the MPZ of research and development is proof of classics racing bicycle brushs a technology. MPZ is to reduce ingredient of attrition losing key, when the engine engine oil that adds other brand is medium, can increase the horse power of 1%-3% , this series product was broken thoroughly Euramerican the technical forestall that waits for a country, ever invented award at acquiring national technology in Feburary 2004. Another main product " fight wear a lotion " , MPZ no matter dimensions, technology or market are had rate all be the world the first, it is one of as larger than global MPZ3 of the shoulder as the United States, Italy base.
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