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Olympic Games of article of adult of Great Wall lube " deliver emissary "

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Online international business signs up for dispatch on January 9, the ding of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of 2008 Olympic Gameses just is knocked noisy, those who aim to advocate civilized drive a vehicle " convention of traffic of Olympic Games civilization " release in the capital namely. The Olympic Games Organizing Committee, Beijing hands in leader and the Olympic Games such as petrifaction of tubal bureau, China " Fu Wa " witnessed this one convention jointly together release. It is reported, this also is Olympic motion begins first 100 Olympic Gameses that will be born for years civilized traffic convention, the commonweal of first Olympic Games that also is the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of 2008 Olympic Gameses acts. Sponsor one of square mixing as this activity the Olympic Games used Beijing formally 2008 oily, great Wall lube becomes the Olympic Games from this of concept of humanitarian Olympic Games " deliver emissary " .
"Convention of traffic of Olympic Games civilization " the phrase form that adopts able to read aloud fluently of 10 the sound of reading aloud generalized consciousness of drive a vehicle and habit of drive a vehicle, be like " change line signal, maintain a car to be apart from " , " each its, comity drive a vehicle " wait. Government, enterprise, car advocate, media and public delegate and 5 lovely Olympic Gameses " Fu Wa " released convention of traffic of Olympic Games civilization jointly together, reflected Great Wall lube to advocate each to just help strength humanitarian Olympic Games, traffic " free goes " original intention.
All previous Olympic Games sponsors a city to have respective clever court to Olympic Games traffic before this, all cannot undertake duplicating in China however. The urban characteristic of Beijing decided to solve issue of Olympic Games transportation to must pay close attention to the promotion of humanitarian concept. Finland is stationed in China ambassadorial Guo Anqi says, "Ensure the Olympic Games is about successfully special strengthen weak environment construction, hold to weak good environment to be caught together, because the person's quality is final payoff. Because the person's quality is final payoff..
To " convention of traffic of Olympic Games civilization " release, social all circles stated height is approbated, think " come very in time " . The data shows, the 1/3 of phenomenon of Beijing traffic jam originates behavior of uncivilized drive a vehicle. One group of economy of amount of courtyard of Chinese company division and technical economy institute calculates data to show, the social cost that Beijing causes because of blocking a car up everyday amounts to 40 million yuan, be equivalent to annual loss 14.6 billion yuan.
Yuan Bin of minister of department of market of Olympic Games Organizing Committee points out, "The traffic issue during the Olympic Games is the big question that all previous Olympic Games makes a person headache, beijing is improving traffic field place to do at present ' free goes 2008 ' , the activity such as convention of Olympic Games civilization, to developing a car advocate convention of good drive a vehicle, improvement capital traffic is embraced, it is a kind of very good act, be worth to popularize. Be worth to popularize..
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