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In oil hand in hand gas field of home of exploration of company of American new

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Afterwards last year hand in hand basin of Sichuan of exploitation of cooperation of American Xue Folong company plain northeast area piece after natural gas resource, oil near future is mixed again in another oil that comes from the United States produces company of exploration of Shang Xintian oil (Newfield Exploration Co. ) signed an agreement, have the gas field that is located in Sichuan likewise to exploration.

Chief delegate Ding Sheng is in area of China of new field company afore-mentioned informations leaked on exploration of Asia-Pacific area oil gas and product conference. According to citing the word of this personage discloses, both sides spreads out collaboration power far gas field is located in Sichuan basin, this gas field contains a lot ofoil shale. But he did not provide further relevant case.

Cooperate through this, new field company is able to enter Chinese inland oil and natural gas field.

Public data shows, company of exploration of oil of American new field (the independent company that NFX) is exploration of an oil natural gas and production, scope of business enclothes American churchyard. The company undertakes maritime oil exploration in China, and undertake in Malaysia maritime oil produces operation. Current, the is put in Asian area mainly international of this company works, the big contract area that its have 3 to have long-dated exploration to plan in Southern China region piece.

Notable is, in oil group just was in house of Beijing Diaoyutai state guest with company of dragon of American snow Buddha on December 18 last year, produce Sichuan with respect to joint development basin plain is northeast resource of area piece natural gas signs a contract. This indicates the oil in the move is current onshore the biggest natural gas cooperates external of the project be born, oil gas of the oil in indicating at the same time cooperates external enter a new level. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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