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Fluid of Great Wall brake hand in hand eaves is connected, Jin Long

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Recently, market of fluid of Great Wall brake develops frequency of a bulletin of glad news to pass, afterwards finishs eaves smoothly to know work of the test of car company, trial assembly, replace entirely use brake fluid product formerly, eaves of Zhengzhou of make one's bow opens a passenger train, in the brake fluid invite public bidding that before year company of car of Xiamen gold dragon holds win the bid smoothly also, all brake fluid that takes company of car of Xiamen gold dragon purchases share, first product already service.
Eaves opens passenger car and passenger train of Xiamen gold dragon is home rank front row car brand, in the city public transportation go up with long-distance bus market hold main market share, very powerful force is had in public traffic industry, the success of brake fluid enters the Great Wall to move fluid of Great Wall brake to be in to pulling the market of public traffic industry is very helpful, also put on weighty weight used on a balance on the watch of OEM outstanding achievement of fluid of Great Wall brake.
Current, fluid of Great Wall brake already was enclothed include Beijing Xue Tielong of contemporary, east wind, east wind cropland of blessing of steam of wood of bell of beautiful, Chang'an, Chang Heling wood, north more than 20 truckload manufacturing company, good quality and service gain better market reputation ceaselessly.
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