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Holy horsepower weighs labour infuse motivation for Carter

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Recently, holy soup company and Shandong card are versed in limited company is reached again especially industrial lube cooperation agreement, blocking especially heavy industry is American card company of group of especially heavy industry (U.S.A. CARTER HEAVY INDUSTRY GROUP, INC. ) be in China solely invested establish wholy-owned subsidiary, carter is versed in the shovel carries series product includes small-sized grab again, annulus type fork-lift truck, mining fork-lift truck is waited a moment. 2006, before 5 when arrange trade of Chinese small-sized grab. The product exports abroad, this second collaboration extended holy horsepower product to be in the consequence of project machinery industry!

In recent years, holy horsepower develops the technical actual strength with abundant profit from and reliable product quality steadily in home market. Production of research and development of holy horsepower lube and antenna of market conformity sale already arrived deep catenary of whole industry industry, seek the cooperation that is the same as business of domestic each industry actively. Cooperate this, it is bavin of Wei of holy horsepower afterwards, when after the large company such as oil field of cropland of wind, blessing, triumphant horse, victory, holy horsepower lube drives industrial oil to sell the another success model that whole increases quickly with industrial oily dominant position.
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