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Holy horsepower lube serves at company of old name food

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Holy horsepower lube serves at company of old name food
Recently, finite liability company signs food of sweet village of holy horsepower lube and Beijing paddy formally supply agreement, offer food to produce the conduction oil that equipment place wants for its by holy horsepower. Food of paddy sweet village is brand of China old name, the hundred years old store that regards Chinese food as the industry, paddy sweet village chooses holy horsepower collaboration this, because holy horse mechanical responsiveness heats up the product quality with good oil,basically be, and reach provision level use oily level.
The additive that conduction oil of level of holy horsepower provision feeds grade by concentration of extremely high quality provision level base oil is allocated and become, have extremely long service life, use for a long time, greasy filth and deposit won't be formed in heat conduction system, the efficiency that maintains heat conduction system is abiding, use extensively at food to machine oil of industry, edible to produce the heat conduction system of the industry. Advantage: 1) diathermancy is good the heat with exceedingly good 2) and oxidation invariability liquidity of 3) low temperature is good 4) service life is common conduction oil 2 use for a long time to 3 times 5) form deposit not easily.

Beijing paddy sweet village only then built 1895 (Qing Guangxu 21 years) , be located in temple of sound of front door exterior, inn north leaves south, before the factory after inn, have distinguishing feature very much, (when say " inn of delicacies from south China of paddy sweet village " ) , it is capital production is managed south the first of flavour food, the product gets the extensive welcome of personage of social all circles. Beijing of make one's home in of Lu Xun gentleman when often head for shop, " Lu Xun diary " in have account for many times. Hind because of reason close a business, but food of the flavour austral the Beijing that paddy sweet village initiates is factional acting acting according to legend, continuous. 1984, this factional the Five Dynasties passed person Liu Mr Zhenying to restore this to enjoy the company of old name food of great reputation.

The older generation industry and commerce that sweet village was in the paddy after answer course of study to head with Liu Zhenying 1984 person work hard below, with having distinguishing feature alone, the product with good quality won the recognition of consumer, the management means of the factory after inn and good service strove for the market before, manufacturing management development is rapid, obtained the positive result that your person fixes eyes upon in social benefit and economic benefits respect.

Today's paddy sweet village already developed make the scale that the central plant that inn of 27 straight battalion joins in with 29 an inn, food deserves to send a center, 67 thousand square metre and the raw material of a 40 thousand square metre machine base, the 500 many breed of 12 series such as goods of cake of manufacturing Chinese and Western, cooked food, quick frozen food, recreational snack, year sales revenue is close 1 billion yuan.
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