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Fine fact makes driving force of revolution more supplier of lube of the high en

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From east wind fine fact sells a branch to learn more: 28 years on May 19, the platform after east wind commercial vehicle makes work rolls out east wind ceremoniously fine fact much oil tastes limited company to offer, the high-end lube product of supervise the manufacture of of company of east wind commercial vehicle.
The high-end lube product that rolls out this in all 3 series (5 CF-4, CH-4, GL-5) , breed, every breed is divided again mix 18 litres for 4 litres two kinds are packed. The recipe of these products and treatment all result from the Hejia fact of fine seed much company that the partner BP banner with fine much fact leaves east wind is much Shenzhen factory, it is fine fact center of technology of much London lube is special the recipe that measures a body to have something made to order for east wind commercial vehicle, have the outstanding character and good anti-wear properties, feature such as kosher ability.
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