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The Great Wall " happy world " march car conserve tastes the market

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Course of study of car hairdressing, conserve encourages result in our country 20 centuries 90 time. Have an amount as the car especially the addition that illicit home car has an amount, course of study of car hairdressing, conserve begins car be havinged a group of things with common features place is hep, "Raise 7 minutes, repair 3 minutes " , the love vehicle new concept that repairs in order to raise era is progressively by broad place of car a group of things with common features is accepted. Develop up to now, the car conserve of our country tastes the market to already took shape.
In last few years, the adjustment of the development that accompanying our country auto industry, relevant policy and perfect, and the car retains the mushroom of the quantity, car conserve tastes the market development is swift and violent, market prospect very value. Foreign car conserve tastes the industry tycoon of the market to also enter China in succession, make the car conserve of our country tastes the market competition is more intense.
Chinese car consumes the market to will maintain usury embellish and fast growth a few years from beginning to end henceforth, car demand and retain the trend that the capacity appeared to grow quickly. To 2010 our country car retains the quantity will be in 6650-8431 10 thousand between. Predict 2010 year of demand of the car will achieve 1300-1900 10 thousand between. Accordingly, china becomes the car that growing sex has most on the world 10 years to consume the market before 21 centuries. The car develops increasingly in China become consumable of a kind of masses, taste the car conserve that drives China directly market development.
According to the overall trend that the car consumes, burgeoning car conserve tastes the market to consume tide to transmit the consumptive form of other of speed far outclass, car conserve of China tastes the market to have tremendous development potential and inviting market perspective. Product of conserve of car of world of Great Wall happy event marched formally 2005 car conserve course of study, it is main goal market with product of conserve of car of medium, high end.
The Great Wall is fond of life product to rely on national level lab, according to our country road condition, climate and car advocate drive habit wait for element research and development and become, seek safe environmental protection, care user is healthy, to advocate industry health the concept added new vitality; Line of the products happy a world is comprehensive, 5 kinds big nearly 70 products enclothed whole vehicle inside and outside almost the cleanness of all crucial position and conserve, and still be in roll out the new product of client demand ceaselessly, this kind develops momentum, drove demand growth, for structure of car conserve product development added vigor.
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