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Price of dispatch Heibei Ji Heng price was business company on September 10 15200, keep balance;

Henan drives general aniline price for 12300, keep balance;

Price of aniline of Shanxi day backbone is 12300, keep balance;

Price of chapter grave life is 14200, keep balance;

Price of Shandong China grand is 12300, keep balance;

Shandong sea changes the value for 12500, keep balance;

De Zhoufu this special offer case is 12100, fall 200;

Price of Shandong gold mountain 12000, keep balance;

Price of Han Dan new sunbeam is 15300, keep balance;

Price of Nanjing chemical plant is 12700, keep balance;

Price of new riverside chemistry is 13400, keep balance;

Jiangsu brings state price for 13600, keep balance;
Mei Lan price is Jiangsu 12500, keep balance;

Person heart price is Jiangsu benefit 12300, fall 200;

Jiangsu raise farming the price is 12600, keep balance. (Unit: Yuan / ton)

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