Shining quenching oil

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Brightness quenching oil Bagela is fast shining quenching oil is with deepness purificatory mineral oil is base oil, add a variety of handpick function additive concoctive and into, apply to medium-sized the material that reachs temper by dipping in water to appear a gender to differ is protecting what atmosphere falls to quench craft.
Function characteristic

 ; Good refrigeration is characteristic, after ensuring workpiece quenchs not craze

 ; Good hot oxidation invariability, can lengthen oil to savor service life

 ; Good shining sex, can prevent to quench be formed in the process not dissolve is in at oily ageing child accumulation the surface of workpiece, make the workpiece surface after quenching shining

Technical standards

The product accords with the following norms:

 ; SH O564-1993

Use range

 ; In applying to small the spare parts such as steel of sectional bearing steel, industry pattern steel, quantity cutting tool and instrument appearance is protecting what atmosphere falls to quench craft

Representative data

Quenching oil of project U8132 fast brightness

Athletic viscosity (40 ℃ ) , mm2/s 34.36

Flash point (mouth) , ℃ 212

Heat up oxidation invariability:

Viscosity is compared 0.9

Incomplete charcoal raises a cost, % 1.0

Cool performance:

Characteristic temperature (when 80 ℃ ) , ℃ 620

400 ℃ of 800 → cooling time (when 80 ℃ ) , s 3.6


 ; New oil or right amount additive should be added according to needing to fill in use process

The form that pack

18L metal pail, 200L metal pail is packed

Producing area: The United StatesNorms: The price: 1 . 0

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