Iron bully discretion is lukewarm high speed pole presses grease

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Lukewarm high speed of iron bully discretion extremely press grease Iron bully discretion is lukewarm high speed pole presses grease, abbreviation iron bully green grease, it is the base oil that refines by height stiff change compound lithium base black and into. This fat is had high temperature resistant (drop drop prep above 260 ℃ , can use in safety of 150 ℃ left and right sides) , when high speed be swung not easily to go out (can be able to bear or endure DN is worth 300 thousand) , extremely press a gender adhesiveness is good, good. Wait for lubricant place at the shaft coupling of environment of high temperature, high speed, dust, gear opening type, bearing, slideway, cam, axle sleeve applicably. Suit territory of electric machinery, fan, steelworks especially the car, bearing that removes rolling mill of heavy equipment, high speed to wait, shaft coupling is lubricant.
In Wu Gang 3 steelworks ID use 2# pole formerly on the gear shaft coupling of gas fan press lithium radical fat, a month adds fat, wear away quite fierce, convert after iron bully green grease, 3 months complement, shaft coupling need not change two years, decreased to spare parts is used up and maintain time greatly. Product line of great ability of duckweed countryside steelworks and work of engine of finish rolling of tall line product line cover use iron bully after green grease, the cycle that add fat lengthened 2-3 times, spare parts is used up reduce half above. Additional, the electric machinery bearing that in fierce steel steelworks of 3 steel-making other equipment, duckweed countryside distinguishs works of profiled bar of H of factory, Ma Gang each mixes iron bully green grease steel of plant of great ability of steelworks of Dan of the scaleboard of rolling-mill housing, Han, wine, Pan Gang.
At present iron bully green grease can offer 2# oil, suit oil gun complement and artificial daub two kinds of lubricant means. The packing specification that can provide is the same as iron bully red grease.
(detailed function index sees product manual or metallurgy press the second edition " equipment is lubricant foundation " P165~166)
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