Lube of Korea miracle card lands harbor town

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On November 25In the morning, lube of Korea miracle card enrols chamber of commerce to be held in Banding edifice.

? ? ? Miraculous card lube grinds coefficient is adjacent for 0, can prolong the service life of engine, sealed, airtight performance is outstanding, the good thermal stability below good cold start-up function and high temperature condition is had in cold winter; Complete combustion effect is apparent, reduce fuel to use up, noise is low, carry fast accelerate, exhaust emission can reduce 50%-70% , protected an environment already, managing the cost that use a car.

? ? ? As we have learned, lube of Korea miracle card is Chinese Wuhan miracle industrial investment (imports and exports) the SM class lube that finite liability company introduces from abroad. It gave car lube industry to bring tremendous business chance and world to precede praise, more important is his energy-saving, environmental protection brought enormous positive beneficial result and integrated effect to the society, guided the new trend of lube industry. In China first car place is cross-country in tounament Beijing total final by in steam couplet is chosen to appoint a product, obtain extremely high opinion.
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