New-style axis is sealed can suck lube a bearing

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The characteristic that axis of shape of wave of new-style low attrition seals fluid is, the special lip body that by sine wave or weaveform make one is formed in axial surface. Sealed can make lube is sucked to return bearing to go up, avoided system of gear-box, electromotor, gearing, drive, reducer and pump thereby wear away. This technology already won American patent.


Sine wave can make lube is sucked to return bearing to go up, make its are keeping clear of labial form meridional plane (although axial circumgyrate) achieve when contamination optimal stop, contamination of cleared bearing surface.

This one unique labial form design makes contact a dot (because hot crack, bubbly, sclerosis or lube are decomposed,wait for a reason to make the possibility of sealed and premature failure the least) quantity of heat reduces 25% ~ 35% , attrition moment of force or attrition obstruction decreased 20% , restrained an axis wear away. Compare with common lube, somes the lip of this design lubricant area is larger.
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