Housing card 100 thousand tons multivariate production of the line on mellow pro

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On July 2Another when housing card sets in Holand Pernis to produce base 100 thousand tons soft bubble gets together production of the line on ether product line, from now on Pernis production base is multivariate alcohol is produced can rise to from 155 thousand tons 255 thousand tons.

? ? ? The card that occupy housing introduces, at present global lump bubble, CASE is opposite with the domain that note model multivariate mellow demand grows gradually, year add rate achieve 4-5% , and produce newly can mix contented Europe market the demand of global market.

? ? ? It is reported, housing card is optimizing Pernis to produce the asset of base to form at present, improve multivariate mellow production technology, the OK and managing specific power consumption, discharge capacity that reduces carbon dioxide, disuse is certain chemical, raise raw material utilization rate and reduce trash discharge capacity.
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